What I Ate Today: A sort-of recap! {At 29 weeks pregnant}

Pre-pregnancy I maintained my weight on 1800 calories a day.  This is considerably low for the amount of exercise I was managing to push through week to week (3 miles of running a day, heavy weight training a few times a week, physical labor night shift job).  As I work through my pregnancy, I look back and realize I probably could have gotten away with a lot more.  However, seeing as that’s the number I set my goal to everyday and got so used to, it’s the one I’ve chosen to base my pregnant nutrition on.  This means I’m attempting to hit 2100 whole, healthy calories a day.  But it isn’t easy… especially with slow digestion, and I mean SLOW.  Sometimes a girl’s gotta add a couple treats in here and there for fillers!  Or nutrition shakes.  But I’m sort of selective with those.

That being said, I have never found tracking what I eat to be more fun than it has with this baby.  I’m normally, well, easily excitable when it comes to meal planning, anyway – once you’ve lost a substantial amount of weight in life, you change your habits permanently.  My favorite lifestyle change is meal planning and counting calories, because I need that accountability to keep from gaining again.  But man, when it comes to feeding not only your body but somebody else’s, too?  FUN!

I love knowing that I’m trying to hit all my food groups and I love feeling their movement with certain ones.  This baby is active 24/7, but they really like unprocessed protein and homemade baked goods (but who doesn’t, haha).  So far I’ve put on 14 beautiful pounds and I’ve never felt more alive nor more attractive in my life.

So.  Want an intimate look at my diet?  (Can we not call it that, though?  Blech!)



I took all of these pictures on my phone, so I apologize if the quality isn’t top notch.  But, here is my breakfast.  Whole wheat toast, peach yogurt, mixed fruit.  Some of the fruit is already missing.  Hey, I AM pregnant!  Also included was a half-cup of coffee with 2% milk and sugar.

Mid-Morning Snack


This is 1/2 cup of pistachios and 1/2 cup of Quaker’s Oat Squares cereal, which might I add, is amazing.  If you love brown sugar, lots of whole grain and fiber, try it.  It’s delicious.  I munched on this before going into church this morning.

Pre-Workout Snack


You’re probably wondering what happened to lunch?  My pregnant digestive system…  instead of having a set schedule, I’m pretty much just eating every 2-3 hours.  But I was starved after church, so here we have some cheese, an apple, and one tablespoon of peanut butter.

Post-Workout Treat


Dark chocolate home-made cupcake.  I had a glass of 1% milk with this, not shown.

Mini Meal #1


Instead of naming my meals “lunch” or “dinner”, because the proportions are so different for pregnancy, and the timing isn’t always what I’d like, I’ve started to call them “mini meals”.  So this is between the hours I would normally eat lunch and dinner.  Seen before you are: a serving of black beans and in the bowl, one egg and one egg white, cheddar cheese, and mixed vegetables.  I like to look at it as a cheesy egg-scramble with veggies and roasted peppers on top.  I drank a glass of orange juice with this, again, not shown in the photo.  You would think I have something against liquids…

Mini Meal #2

Don’t hate me!  I don’t have photographic evidence of this.  Blame my lethargy from being awake on less sleep than I had gotten used to this week… but!  I had ground beef with a side of steamed spinach.

6 thoughts on “What I Ate Today: A sort-of recap! {At 29 weeks pregnant}

  1. well I will say this your meals are much better than mine were when I was prego!! Mine consisted of candy, bread, muffins and maybe some cereal if I was lucky. LOL and that may possibly be why this momma gained 50lbs! ha ha What can I say all the candy made my little one pretty sweet, and made mommies ass jiggle!!
    Looks great! Good work!!

    • Oh, well thank you very much! We all carry differently and eat differently. I never experienced a real “craving” per-say — at least not as described in the books. I appreciate your sweet comments!

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