Household Cleaning Products That Make Pregnancy A Breeze

Growing bellies and impeding backaches ahead! Plus, with mood swings banging on your door, is it really that easy to keep a positive attitude with cleaning?

Yes! Contrary to belief, pregnant women are more capable than given credit when it comes to cleaning. The “rules” about lifting, pushing, or pulling… Old wive’s tales these days. You all know this with my opinions on weight lifting for exercise.  Of course every woman has an individual pace she works at, and anytime she needs to rest for a break she should take it. Pregnancy isn’t the time to set a new world record of how many “Wax-ons, wax-offs” you can accomplish!

That being said, there are some neat ways to keep your home spotless up until the day you deliver, ones that will make it easier on both your body and mentality. I find cleaning a huge stress reliever, and everybody loves a pleasantly organized home.

I’ve discovered through my home-keeping some fantastic products – tools and cleaners alike – that have been life savers as my baby grows. I’d love to share them with you!

1. Tilex Daily Shower Cleaner

When your balance is off center from the weight of your baby, scrubbing the shower at difficult angles frequently can be dangerous. This spray is to keep mildew away, eliminate soap scum and even loosen hard to get spots. It’s safe enough to spray on your shower curtain, so inhaling it doesn’t pose as much of a risk – but no big breaths, ladies! Any cleaner that isn’t all-natural and biodegradable should still be used diligently. This spray really does work – and as you can see, we have a blue shower… Yes, blue! So it’s easy to tell if any build up is occurring. Using Tilex once a day after showering when the walls are still warm will keep your last deep scrubbing in tact for two weeks! I will say a few sprays go a long way, so it lasts forever. Having this has saved me from getting on my knees more than I’d like – It keeps the floor and walls clean without any effort.

2. Any type of Swiffer-style Mop

I’m a hands on the floor buffer when I mop. But… That gets old when you’re constantly bending over and getting overheated! So I highly recommend using a mop that is simple and glides without much pushing effort. The convenience of hitting every corner without a bucket is fabulous. Don’t like spending so much on the refill pads? I have a way around that! Using a washable microfiber cloth, fold it in half and press the corners into the rubber holes until secure. Wet it. Then, using your favorite floor solution in a spray bottle, set the stream to jet and coat your floors. Go over with your Swiffer and simply wash the pad in your next load of non-clothing items. I bought my knockoff model from Dollar Tree, as seen in the picture!


3. Earth Mama Angel Baby: Happy Momma Spray

If your nose is overly sensitive to smells and they cause you to get nauseous (SO common), cleaning products can be a real issue. The fumes, even if simple, can be overwhelming. This spray is a winner if you need a way around that! Spray in the area you’re working in or on a cloth-rope necklace you are comfortable wearing, so that the scent can’t get away from you. It’ll settle the smells and give some comfort to that nose.


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