Sneaky Little Fast-Food Tricks For The Healthy Mom (Or Preggo!)

Can you smell it?

Can you smell it?

Convenience is a tempting little devil, especially if you’re out running errands and you know by the time you get home you’re not going to feel like cooking.  It’s also true if you’re pregnant, and the little monster precious baby in your womb is screaming, “CAKE!  Burgers… no wait, I meant fried chicken! Yeah, fried chicken!”

I don’t condone eating out.  Not one bit!  I try to “eat clean”, but I love my fast-food joints just as much as the next.  And with a little discipline and planning, you can make your stops at them guilt-free.

Moderation by tracking calories, fats, saturated fats, sugars and sodium is the key.  If you know what you’re putting in your body at every meal, you should know, for example, how many grams of allotted protein you have left that day that you can use, or fat, or sugar… you get my drift.  Would you get more bang for your buck eating unprocessed foods at home?  Well, of course!

But sometimes a girl’s gotta have her a decadent quickie at the local burger joint.  Plus, it’s cheap.  And you’ll soon learn in this blog, that I do love to budget.

Here are a few of my tried and true methods:


Ever heard of the bestselling books, “Eat This, Not That!“?  The phrase could practically be one of my mantras.  The 2011 version came in handy and salvaged my weight loss multiple times – yes, all 70 pounds of it.  I will post the story behind my weight loss from 2011-2012 next week, so remember touch base on my homepage for that.

So instead of fries, go with the side salad and choose a light dressing.  If you’re on an empty stomach, however, go ahead and get the dressing with some fat in it – ranch, for example, has always gotten a bad rap but depending on the brand it has the right amount of potassium and fat to make your little cup of greens sit a tad heavier, sustaining you more than the 20 calorie Italian packet.

Get a small of anything you order.  Grilled meat instead of fried.  Or fried meat – yes, indulge – just without the bun.  Mustard in place of mayonnaise!  Cheeseburger, no bun, ask for extra-extra veggies.  Make it a knife-and-fork meal.

Extra tips:

  • If you want a bubbly drink but you don’t want the high fructose corn syrup plus the buku calories, consider purchasing a bottle of water and always keeping a stash of zero-calorie energy drink mixes in your purse (or wallet, or manbag, for you men?).
  • Ask for fries with no salt.  Not only will they actually do this, but it always guarantees they will come out piping hot, forcing you to savor them and enjoy the taste (because nobody wants to scarf down sliced potatoes that are on fire).
  • If you love your fish, but all they offer is breaded fillets, zap it for 10-15 seconds when you get home and use a vegetable peeler to pull the breading off… works like a charm every time for me.
  • Always order off the dollar menu if you’re comfortable.  Cheaper food = smaller portions.
  • Ask for a fork and knife and an extra to go bag/box – this way you can cut up half of your meal for later and stow it away on the backseat for less temptation!

I hope these ideas have sparked some inspiration in you today, and if you have any suggestions of your own, include them in the comment box below!

Love in Christ,

Little Discussion Pop-quiz Time:  Burger King claims they have a “healthier” option for french fries.  Are their Satisfries offering 20, 30, or 40 percent less fat?  Do you feel the title they give these french fries is a marketing ploy?  Why or why not?


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